The company Probiotech OU is a modern high-technology diagnostic laboratory.

More than 10 years we have been developing methods of analysis of pharmaceutical products in clinical practice, different physiologically active compounds in the environmental items.

In recent years, we are also engaged in studying the problems of changes in metabolism in various diseases, development and implementation of highly sensitive analytical methods for needs of laboratory diagnosis, detection of hereditary diseases, and early diagnosis in children.

The peculiarity of our laboratory is assurance of high accuracy and quality of research, as we are armed with the technologies used by the world's largest laboratories recognized as a “gold standard” in analytical biochemistry, but insufficiently spread in the world due to its complexity: chromatography-mass spectrometry LC-MS / MS

Our staff has an extensive experience in the field of laboratory diagnostics, analytical biochemistry, clinical and laboratory medicine.
Probiotech OU also provide solutions for phase I-IV clinical trials in Europe.  The company operates in compliance with current FDA and ICH guidance on good clinical practice and the conduct of clinical trials (GCP).

E-mail us at info()probiotech.org. You can also contact us by visiting our contact page.
Our vision for better medicine drives our commitment to success in working with sponsors, healthcare professionals, patients and local healthcare authorities.
We believe that accelerating research in disease mechanisms and recent advancements in biological sciences will lead to better medicine.
We see Probiotech OU being part of this process working closely with our partners and helping them bring better medicine to the patients. Our partner in Russia is Probiotech company.